Operational Excellence

We help you get the most from your processes, people and technologies and create a company of problem-solvers.

Methods to leverage the potential of your teams

Include Organizational Change and Design. A key ingredient of our approach is education to create internal capacity for long-term change

Methods for improving processes

Include our own integration of time-tested tools such as Lean and Six Sigma

Methods to optimize use of technology

Include Design of Experiments.

Client Impact

Many companies, in a wide range of activity sectors, have reached important goals with our support:

Financial Services


  • Saved 1,000 non-value added hours per month and increased processed payments by 50,000 monthly for a multi-country financial services operation.
  • Recovered 1,700 non-value added hours per month and increased accounts payable capacity by 25,000 invoices per month for a shared services center.
  • Designed an operational strategy to support expansion of shared services to multiple countries for an international foods company.

Facilities Management


  • For the regional headquarters of a major oil producer, reduced storage space cost by 90% in 2 years.
  • Redesigned the disposition of office furniture and equipment to maximize reuse and reduce disposal.
  • Accelerated the closing of financial liabilities left behind by outgoing contractors.
  • Improved spending coordination between authorized parties to guarantee funds for multi-year projects.



  • Planned hospital facilities and operations for increased utilization and better patient flow.
  • Simulated multiple scenarios of hospital capacity and layouts.
  • Improved speed of medical supply chains: order to delivery.
  • Accelerated processing and reporting of medical diagnoses.
  • Designed and deployed methods for better data quality, analytics and visualization.
  • Deployed lean healthcare practices.



  • Reduced scrap of worst-quality product from 7% to less than 2% in 3 weeks for a laminated woods manufacturer.
  • Reduced die manufacturing rework from 22% to 8% in 3 months.
  • For a maker of aircraft parts, shortened duration of a parts-smoothing operation from over 8 to less than of 4 hours.
  • Reduced to zero the number of customer defects for the highest volume product of a metal fabricator.
  • For a quick-response metal parts manufacturer, extended time between tool changes from 2 to 9 hours, letting off-shifts operate unattended.



  • Improved fulfillment of packaged flower bouquets for an international florist.
  • For a petrochemical center of excellence, reduced compliance risk of international import-export shipping tasks.
  • For a nationwide hardware franchise, accelerated start-up and turn-around periods resulting in more open stores per year and incremental sales of $6m.

Supply Chain


  • For a 3-tier automotive supply chain, improved management of production schedules reducing error rates, accelerating communication to and from suppliers and increasing inventory turns.
  • For a Gulf of Mexico chemical manufacturer, optimized pipeline flow volume resulting in $6m monthly additional revenue.
  • For a regional pipeline operator, lowered crude oil pumping costs through better scheduling that takes advantage of hourly electricity price variations.
  • Reduced energy spent to unload tanker ships by optimizing pumping procedures and taking advantage of the dock time allowed.
  • Coordinated all parties responsible for planning a pipeline operating budget, reducing changes and meeting contractual deadlines.
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