Strategy Implementation

The Need for Strategy Implementation

Companies have much to gain from sound strategy implementation. Good strategy implementers retain twice the value from prioritized projects two years after roll-out, compared with poor implementers.


In particular, good strategy implementers indicate far bigger gains in ownership of the change, focus and accountability during the change, and long-term sustainability of results.

A key factor for successful implementation is the ability to quickly devise alternative plans and continuously improve during the change.

SIMPLEST: Simulate to Implement Strategies

Most strategic projects define a future state and a transformation route, but do not provide a way to test the route.

SIMPLEST can predict obstacles along the road, quantify their severity, and find less risky courses of action.

You will get a window into the transformation of your business.

SIMPLEST leverages the strengths of system dynamics, process simulation, organizational change, data analytics and lean enterprise

SIMPLEST – Direct sales example

A direct sales company must increase revenue per sales consultant.


So far they have relied on direct incentives such as gifts for reaching personal sales targets.

Too bad their competition does the same.

Loyalty or opportunism?

An influence model charts the forces that influence sales consultants, their structure and organization and the resulting behavior.


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  • How to earn sales consultants loyalty?
  • How to activate this enormous potential?
  • First found out which factors influence most strongly a personal connection with the retailer.
Scenarios feed a process simulator used to adjust business components to find the optimal conditions for loyalty and higher revenue per consultant
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