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    We provide consulting and training in continuous improvement
    for operational excellence, following the
    Six Sigma and Lean methods.

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    To solve operational challenges,
    transform your business and seize new opportunities

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Green Belt 2.0 ™

fkiQuality announces its 2018 Lean Six Sigma Calendar We teach a 5-days Lean Six Sigma Green Belt workshop that will give you the knowledge, skills and templates needed to complete your first project successfully at work right after the course.

Watch what our students are saying!

5 days to get certified
97% certification success rate
Hundreds of certified Green Belt graduates

Why a “2.0” version?

fkiQuality’s Green Belt curriculum covers the most applicable parts of the body of knowledge maximizing its impact through integration with these powerful concepts and tools:

  • Any operation is a system
  • Process owners must understand variation (chaos) to reduce it
  • There is a way to improve-by-doing called PDSA
  • Managers must design new ways of working that create pride in everyone’s jobs
  • Project Management integrated with Lean Six Sigma

Benefits of our Workshops

Lead a GB project and apply the most useful quality tools

The most practical Six Sigma training ever, you will never look at your job in the same way again

Learn and get certified in a high-intensity week class

The Six Sigma Masters Program confers the certification

See the specifics below and join us if you are ready to earn your LSSGB now!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 2.0™

New Course Schedule

fkiQuality is excited to offer its Green Belt 2.0™ Certification Workshop in all-Saturdays and one-week long formats to get you ready to start 2018 with the right education.

  • Fee
  • Included
    All materials, software templates, certification exam, project report review and in-class refreshments.
  • Participant must provide
    Own PC with MS Excel 2010 or newer. No additional software required.
Saturdays 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 March
Special Limited Offer:
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About Us

fkiQuality is an organization dedicated to providing consulting in continuous improvement for operational excellence, following the methods known as Six Sigma and Lean. fkiQuality also trains executives, project managers and teams of small to medium size companies, and individual professionals seeking to advance their careers.


fkiQuality works with you to solve operational challenges, transform your business and seize new opportunities. Our clients, in many sectors and different countries, achieved their goals with our help; we can do the same for your company.


A large number of college graduates lack key skills required for today’s jobs. Companies indicate an unmet need for soft skills bigger than for technical ability. fkiQuality offers education for executives, managers and professionals.