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Implementing Lean Six Sigma better with Deming principles

Francisco Pulgar-Vidal, president of fkiQuality, was a guest speaker at the 2015 Annual International Deming Research Seminar, held in Washington, DC this week. Francisco’s presentation, “Teaching and deploying improvement methods BETTER with Deming principles”, caught the attention of many delegates for bridging the camps of Deming and

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Totally Updated Course Content

Courses Updated

fkiQuality has updated its Green Belt course completely. The Green Belt course now restructures Lean Six Sigma learning totally by integrating Deming principles. Deming principles for management and quality are the origin of Lean and Six Sigma. However, Deming is usually relegated to the historical overview of

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Human Psychology

First published in LinkedIn 15 Dec 2014 Deming completes his System of Profound Knowledge with a focus on human psychology, in particular what motivates people to go to work enthusiastically, labor with ingenuity and want to make their jobs better. What makes an amateur athlete dedicate much

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A Theory of Learning

First published in LinkedIn 18 Nov 2014 This posting discusses the third component of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. How do you know something? How deep and certain is your knowledge? Is your knowledge good enough to make important decisions on its basis? Management’s responsibility is to

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Knowledge of Variation

First published in LinkedIn 31 Oct 2014 Deming’s SoPK is a four-part way of thinking and managing useful to any leader who aims to transform its business so that it may be prosperous and may create an environment where its employees will thrive. The SoPK is made

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Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

Overview – First published in LinkedIn 24 Oct 2014 As I learn more about Six Sigma and Lean I find more connections with Deming’s greatest creation. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge is the culmination of his thinking to create a method for better managing organizations. The System

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