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The Right Way To Get Green Belt Certified In-Class

The right way to get Green Belt certified in-class

There is a right way to get Green-Belt certified in-class (without a project). Sometimes aspirants to the Green Belt certification face a major challenge: having to run a Lean Six Sigma project in order to get certified. From the start, Six Sigma certifications were earned by employees

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Lean Program started at Mallinkrodt Pharmaceuticals

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt workshop participants

fkiQuality has started a Lean program at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis, Missouri with the objectives to increase efficiency, lower costs and create key organizational capabilities in the Sales, Marketing and Commercial Excellence groups. Six executives and ten employees completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and

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Totally Updated Course Content

Courses Updated

fkiQuality has updated its Green Belt course completely. The Green Belt course now restructures Lean Six Sigma learning totally by integrating Deming principles. Deming principles for management and quality are the origin of Lean and Six Sigma. However, Deming is usually relegated to the historical overview of

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100 Green Belt Courses

fkiQuality reached a milestone when it delivered the 100th Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course this past month of September 2014. About 1,000 participants have attended this course to learn concepts and tools of Lean and Six Sigma at the Green Belt level. Most students find the

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First Green Belt Workshop

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop

fkiQuality delivered the first Lean Six Sigma Green Belt workshop in Chicago. Responding to the needs of hundreds of professionals seeking to become Green Belt certified, fkiQuality developed and conducted a certification workshop that simulates the process, rigors and expectations of a real-world Green Belt project. In

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