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Executive Curriculum
Leadership for results – Deming Method 4-days workshop
Hoshin Planning
for company-wide change programs
2-days workshop,

Leadership for Results – Deming Method

Deming taught management methods based on understanding a company as a system, the nature of variation, a better theory of learning and human psychology.This workshop is based on Deming’s seminars on leadership and is presented by professionals experienced in this method.

4-days workshop

Upon completion, executives will have gained a new view of the meanings of leadership, customer service and quality.


  • A chain reaction from quality to prosperity
  • Drawbacks of mainstream management methods
  • Quality and the consumer
  • New principles for leadership and education
  • The operational definition: beyond meeting specifications
  • Using standards and regulations
  • Reaching a stable system of production: common and special causes of variation
  • Reducing total cost from inspection to finished product
  • Organizing to improve quality and productivity
  • Improving quality of life

Hoshin Planning for company-wide change programs

hoshinHoshin planning is used to deploy high-level strategy down to managerial objectives and initiatives.In this way department-level projects become prioritized and aligned with strategy to increase business value.For this reason, Hoshin planning precedes successful company-wide deployments of any critical program of change.Avoid starting with “just some training” or “just a trial here and there.”

2-days workshop

Upon completion, the organization will be ready to start an aligned program of change.


  • Validating company-wide strategy
  • Refine and balance strategic improvement areas
  • Identify and align management objectives
  • Define projects of improvement and innovation
  • Create a program of change with prioritized, phased projects
  • Launch and staff projects, schedule education programs
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